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Withers Windows and Doors Portland Oregon


Ensuring your heart performs at its very best, now and in the future

  • 3 Locations

    With offices in Omega, Wilmington, and Glasgow, you are always close to premier cardiac care. We promise that you will receive high quality care and personal attention. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

  • Experienced Doctors

    The trust and confidence built during your future encounters is very important. We take pride in knowing that we participate in the care of several generations of many families and their extended circle of friends.

  • Triple Accreditation

    Alfieri Cardiology is proud to present its triple accreditation status, by ICANL, ICAEL, and ICAVL. These accreditations prove our ability to provide the best cardiac care possible, as well as show our standards for satisfaction to all of our patients.

  • Comprehensive Care

    At Alfieri Cardiology, we work with you and your primary care physicians to provide you with the highest quality comprehensive cardiac care designed to optimize your heart's health. Let's enhance and prolong your life!

Advanced Vein Center
Thursday,  June 9th, 4:00 - 6:00 PM
SCHEDULE NOW (302) 690-0933

Today's technology has allowed us to perform a minimally invasive procedures with little to no pain. This treatment option can be performed in our office, under local anesthesia, while accompanied by our qualified and caring staff. Learn More About Our Vein Center
Primary Cardiac Care
We offer complete and comprehensive cardiac care, where patients may be seen in our office or the hospital for care or consultation. This can include basic diagnostic tests, as well as more advanced procedures. Learn More
Anticoagulant Clinic
Our Anticoagulant Clinics helps simplify the process of monitoring your blood levels and to help guarantee the quality and consistency of your care. Your PT/INR can be followed at any one of our three locations in New Castle County.
Arrhythmia Center
We believe education is the best tool you can have. We can diagnose, treat, and educate you on Arryhthmia, a heart rhythm disorder. Our electrophysiologists will diagnose and then formulate a plan of care to correct it.
Imaging Center
The physicians and staff of Delaware SPEC are recognized as a top testing center as well as a cardiac research facility. Our comprehensive cardiac evaluations include EchocardiogramsNuclear Stress Testing, and Vascular Studies.
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